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A sound business model ensures long-term success

Our mission is to make clean energy available anywhere, anytime – for more environmental sustainability in business and society. We are working intensively on integrating artificial intelligence into flow cell-enabled technologies. Innovative secondary technologies and smart development strategies make our business model future-proof.

Through well-balanced innovation research, nanoFlowcell Holdings plc (NFC) creates long-term growth potential in a variety of technology sectors; in doing so, NFC also contributes to its own business value creation, thus adding value for its stakeholders. With our innovative energy technologies and their adaptation to various applications, we have grown over the past 25 years into a leading international research and development company in the field of flow cell research and its applications.

We use our own innovative AI tools, methods and processes in the development of products, and have expanded our innovation portfolio to include the application area nanoFlowcell Artificial Intelligence (n-AI).  Having filed more than 60 patents in modern energy and flow cell technology and their applications, we are technologically superior to our competitors; for future licence transfers, we have developed sound business concepts in cooperation with interested innovation partners. It is our intention to remain successful as a research and development company, and we want to focus on the challenges that come with this. For the production and distribution of applications, we will partner with leading companies in the human robotics, automotive and transportation, and power generation sectors.

Industry interest in nanoFlowcell® technology and n-AI applications is strong. Our goal is to rapidly extend the reach of our technology through targeted licensing and collaborative development activities; in addition, nanoFlowcell® and n-AI technologies will be an integral part of our innovation partners’ product development. Our innovation partnership concept is therefore an important feature of our business model that further enhances our international competitiveness.

Our successes in flow cell research and the development of relevant applications have been built on our unique AI-based research methodology. In the years to come, this methodology will continue to yield strong product developments that will result in a steady expansion of our product portfolio in key sectors and important secondary technologies.

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Pioneering research and development

Our vision is to further enhance our market position for clean energy technologies and compact flow cell systems. nanoFlowcell® is becoming an integral part of the green energy transition worldwide. Clean and safe energy – wherever, whenever!

Over the last 25 years, we have built up exceptional research and development expertise in the field of energy technologies. We use state-of-the-art tools for digital modelling and manufacturing, VR simulation and visualisation, and AI-based research methods.

We have amassed extensive knowledge of flow cell energy technology and its applications, and have been able to gain in-house experience with complex AI and VR applications in a wide variety of R&D projects – knowledge from which our innovation partners benefit. Building on this, we are able to speed up our application development through rapid prototyping methods, refine our production processes and eliminate product flaws during the product development stage.

We work hand in hand with companies on new product ideas and their feasibility for series production. Our innovation partners benefit from our unique knowledge of energy technology and AI, which provides them with significant technological advantages at the product level. By licensing our primary technologies to industry partners and collaborating with scientific institutions and institutional development partners, we are able to jointly leverage the full potential of our technologies, explore new applications for our AI and flow cell technologies or develop new secondary technologies.

In a unique R&D project, we are working with an international consortium of scientists, engineers and visionary investors to develop humaN48 – a humanoid robot with artificial superintelligence whose cognitive abilities surpass those of a human in virtually all areas.


Our company’s growth potential is (almost) limitless

Patent and licensing strategy

Nunzio La Vecchia holds all ownership rights to the nanoFlowcell® and bi-ION® technologies.  All patents as well as IP, design and trademark rights to the technologies are owned by nanoFlowcell IP AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of nanoFlowcell Holding plc.

Technological innovations are commercialised through licensing or manufacturing joint ventures. The primary goal of our patent and licensing strategy is rapid, worldwide market penetration.

Innovative business models

nanoFlowcell® is a key technology for securing national energy supplies – whether off-grid or grid-supporting. In collaboration with industrial and institutional partners, NFC will work on a range of energy banking and energy leasing services to offer its energy partners unique complementary value in the form of energy reinsurance that covers the risk of power outages.

Strategic acquisitions

NFC’s singular technologies tend to have a disruptive effect on the market – or they create entirely new markets. To keep up with our company’s exponential growth, we make strategically relevant acquisitions that strengthen our organic build-up of resources. The ability to serve the needs of different industry sectors at the same time helps us accelerate our international market expansion and penetration. NFC has made provisions to finance growth-intensive innovation projects by means of securitisation.


An initial public offering is one possible option for the future development of our company, especially with a view to securing international IP rights and rapidly raising the international profile of our innovative nanoFlowcell® technology or of humaN48.

Our ongoing research and development activities are financially secure. NFC has sufficient financial reserves to cover all current research and development projects.

We have been able to demonstrate the benefits of our nanoFlowcell® technology many times over with our QUANT electric vehicles. Because of the QUANT vehicles we have developed, we are often mistaken for a car manufacturer. What people should be aware of is that these electric vehicles are actually unique reference projects for potential high- and low-voltage applications of our proprietary nanoFlowcell® energy technology.

Our cutting-edge application research provides us with complementary technological and scientific know-how, from which our research and development partners (innovation partners) in particular benefit greatly: For us, a holistic approach is an important strategic driver for our company’s sustainable and continuous value creation. We share these strengths with our innovation partners in the form of know-how as well as innovative services and product attributes, thus enabling them to design their specific application developments much more efficiently.

We are a research and development partner to a large number of companies from a wide range of industries, helping them to tap into new business segments and exploit new product potential arising from the use of our nanoFlowcell® and n-AI technologies.

It is not our aim to manufacture our own products for the market. We want to be a neutral technology partner for interested companies rather than a market player competing with others. Our patent and licensing strategy underscores our collaborative approach to business; we want to spread the weight of our disruptive technologies across many strong shoulders and minimise those business risks that are unrelated to our R&D activities and predominantly linked to production, distribution and service.

Corporate Governance

Here at nanoFlowcell Holdings plc, we believe that good corporate governance is built on effective cooperation between the company’s management and Board of Directors, respect for the interests of all stakeholders as well as an open and transparent communication culture. Moreover, we regard good corporate governance as an integral part of our corporate value system. We are of the opinion that adhering to high corporate governance standards ultimately increases the value of the company.

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Code of Conduct

Our philosophy of open and full information is a guiding principle for the cooperation between the Executive Board, management and staff at nanoFlowcell Holdings. We work closely together and make decisions for the good of the company. It is our firm goal to develop sustainable business prospects for the company.

Learn more about our Executive Board and the management of nanoFlowcell Holdings plc here.

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Stakeholder Communication

We attach great importance to transparent, comprehensive and prompt communication with all our stakeholders. Information about noteworthy developments within the company is provided to all stakeholders in a timely manner.

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