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nanoFlowcell Holdings becomes a public limited company

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The alternative…

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Just fuelling

QUANT E powered by nanoFlowcell® in action

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Time has come - nanoFlowcell becomes a Public Limited Company! #nanoFlowcell #QUANTiNO #QUANT #humaN48 #AdvancedInnovationResearch #TheNewEnergy #48VOLT #nAI #nanoFlowcellArtificialIntelligence
Unser Unternehmen wird eine Public Limited Company! #nanoFlowcell #QUANTiNO #QUANT #humaN48 #AdvancedInnovationResearch #TheNewEnergy
Over 12-times around the world - fully electric and on clean energy #nanoFlowcell's #QUANTiNO #flowcell
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BBC | The sports car that runs on saltwater

Top Gear's Ollie Kew tries out the 'world-saving' nanoFlowcell Quantino.

TOP GEAR | Review: The nanoFlowcell-powered Quantino prototype

What’s this funny-looking little thing? Say hello to Quantino. It’s the tiny, city car-sized sister to the Quant FE SportLimousine, the giant gullwing ultra-limo we’ve seen at recent Geneva motor shows.

AUTOCAR | Revolutionary Flowcell EV could make production

Research company nanoFlowcell, which revealed two electric car concepts powered by liquid-battery technology last year, is in talks with a “large manufacturer that is not German” about putting the Quantino concept into production.

CAR AND DRIVER | Con paso firme: El nanoFlowcell QUANTINO supera los 350.000 km sin problemas

Es uno de los modelos eléctricos más prometedores y es que su avanzada tecnología de baterías de flujo destaca por su rendimiento, escaso mantenimiento, respeto por el medio ambiente y, sobre todo, fiabilidad.

AL VOLANTE | nanoFlowcell Quantino, iniziano i test su strada

prototipo elettrico nasconde un "segreto": le batterie di flusso che si riforniscono con un "misterioso" liquido, in modo simile alle fuel cell.

GREEN CAR REPORTS | nanoFlowcell liquid battery car driven by outsiders<

DON'T MISS: Electric-drive cars should fuel, charging is 'dead end,' says nanoFlowcell
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