Young in years, rich in innovation

It was in 1996, driven by an aspiration for socially relevant innovation, responsible entrepreneurship and a consistent commitment to sustainability, that Nunzio La Vecchia founded his research and development company, which today operates as nanoFlowcell Holdings plc.

With his vision, innovative drive and expertise, La Vecchia positioned the company to be able to take on the toughest challenges in the field of mobile energy management and AI-enabled technologies. The nanoFlowcell Group is a world-leading research and development company serving a broad spectrum of industrial applications with its nanoFlowcell® technology. nanoFlowcell® technology can be used as an energy source in many areas of our daily lives – from off-grid buildings to electric vehicles, aircraft, railway vehicles, boats and autonomous smart machines.
Our innovative nanoFlowcell® applications stand out for their maximum energy efficiency, for being completely harmless to health and the environment, as well as for their sustainability and sparing use of resources. That is our contribution to global environmental protection and sustainable economic and social development. Among the technologies developed by nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd are our nanoFlowcell® mobile energy conversion module; our bi-ION® electrolytes; our QUANT 48VOLT and QUANTiNO 48VOLT, the world’s only road-legal electric sports cars powered by low-voltage flow cells; and the first humanoid robot featuring a nanoFlowcell® energy system.

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“The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.”

Mark Twain (1835–1910, American writer and humorist)